“To me, a really great song is one that gets stuck in your head, tickles your mind and touches your heart. Typically, a Record of the Week has one or two. With Mike Daly & the Planets’ self-titled debut on Daly’s Pop Goes the World label, it’s nearly the entire 11-song album. Daly is a literate, passionate songwriter whose rich, clever use of wordplay and heartfelt, endearing vocals stir emotions and inspire smiles. On “Mike Daly & the Planets,” a crackerjack band features a lineup of great lead guitarists and strong ensemble of other guest musicians. But the heart and soul of this collection are delightful, memorable melodies with hooks a-plenty both musically and lyrically.” — Bob Makin, NJArts.netNew Jersey Stage, and The Aquarian Weekly.

“Trust me — this is guitar-driven power pop and general rock-and-roll of a very high order indeed.” — Steve Simels,  PowerPop.

“Wrapping up this twist of the dial is the poppy Americana jangle of Mike Daly and the Planets. This is another performer in for the long haul. Mike Daly’s been making music and records in a host of bands for decades. It shows on this remarkable debut from his new outfit. Just check out the Beatlesque opening tempo of ‘Never Too Late’ and its seamless shift into a great new wave vibe. Or the Costello feel of ‘No Simple Task’ with its swinging melody. But the album’s highlight is undoubtedly the majestic ‘Salvation,’ a song that manages to be both moving and insanely catchy at the same time. And to show where Daly comes from, check out these tracks from his former band, Every Damn Day. I love the banjo that kicks in half way through ‘Theme From an Imaginary Sitcom’ and the full-on Costello-cum-Beatles homage in ‘It’s All About Tonite.’ These are lost gems!” — Dennis PilonPoprock Record.

“Representing pop-rock music at its most catchy, dynamic, and engaging, this album makes for an extremely enjoyable listen. Mike Daly’s pleasant voice and thoughtful to-the-point songwriting make for a strong and winning double whammy. The tuneful arragements likewise hit the harmonic spot, with the steady forward-ho drums, bouncy guitar riffs, and neatly percolating basslines all coming through just as clear and pretty as a bell. Better still, there’s a lovely upbeat and positive sensibility evident from start to finish which gives the music a teeming surplus of charm and heart. An excellent album.” — Joe Wawrzyniak, Jersey Beat.

“Mike Daly & The Planets are a hard-working blue-collar rock’n’roll band from the swamps of New Jersey whose new single, ‘Never Too Late,’ is available at Amazon, iTunes and most everywhere digital music is sold or streamed. Daly has an Elvis Costello/John Lennon kind of voice and a knack for arrangement and production that puts his product atop most local phenomenons.” — Mike Greenblatt, Goldmine.

“… (‘Never Too Late’) is a track whose hook makes it almost an instant timeless classic.” — Brandon Minia, 24Our Music.

“… Daly’s latest single ‘Never Too Late’ is a fun piece of two-minute Beatle-esque melodrama (of the Lennon variety, please!), loaded with lush strings and gorgeous harmonies. … Coming out in a full two-minute torrent of head-boppin’ full-force, ‘Never Too Late’ is a perfect appetizer for whatever Daly and crew have coming down the road, be it another single or, c’mon, let’s get on it, a full LP.” — Louis Fowler, Red Dirt Report.

“I’m hoping for a full length album from the excellent Mike Daly And The Planets. The Ex Lead Singer of New Jersey Power Poppers, Every Damn Day has followed up the splendid EP, The Cosmic Adventures Of ManBoy with a new single. Never Too Late was originally written for the CBS Comedy Drama, That’s Life. It’s poptastic and here’s hoping the full length album appears soon.” — Don Valentine, I Don’t Hear A Single.

“Four songs. 13 minutes. All muscle. Not a second of fat.” — Mike Greenblatt, The Aquarian Weekly.

“‘Kill A Clown’ by Mike Daly & The Planets is a delicious slice of power pop out of New Jersey with chunky guitars and perfecto vocals … Complete with kazoo break and gunshot, it’s a visceral blast of goodtimey violence.” — Mike Greenblatt, Atlas Jams.

“(‘Broken’ is) a driving track of blues-rock fit to crank up and immensely enjoy.” — Mike Greenblatt, The Aquarian Weekly.

“Mike Daly and the Planets explore hard rock’s roots on the blistering ‘Broken.’ Vocal delivery is impeccable as the lyrics sound like the ode to a life lived fully, for better and worse. Absolutely brimming with energy, the song is a force of nature.” — Beach Sloth, Beach Sloth.

“The title is ‘Broken,’ but it might as well be Fuzzy Guitar and Gnarly Vocals. The guitar(s) dominate this tune. The Planets employ an effective droning technique that keeps the listener’s mind occupied. This is enhanced by a grizzly, gravelly voice and rhyming lyrics. The entire package is accentuated with dueling guitar licks that just make me smile. This is absolutely worth a listen.” — The Grouch, Top40 Charts.

“… Old school alt. rock in the tradition of Elvis Costello.” — Stephen Centanni, Lagniappe.

“An EP released last year contains four tracks of straight-ahead rock with live-in-the-garage energy.” — Lawrence Specker, The Press Register/

“‘Kill A Clown (No, Not Really)’ has a catchy, guitar-driven arrangement reminiscent of Webb Wilder or possibly ZZ Top, along with some exuberant backup vocals. It’s filled with funny lyrics about offing people with fake red noses …” — Terrence FlammBroken Hearted Toy.

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