New album!

front cover 300Mike Daly & The Planets released a self-titled, full-length album on Nov. 10, 2017. The album is available digitally at major music websites around the globe.

“Mike Daly & The Planets” is a collection of previously released material as well as new songs. Among the fresh tracks is “Letter From The Front,” a song inspired by the film “Saving Private Ryan” and the HBO original series, “Band Of Brothers.” All net proceeds from the sale/streaming of “Letter From The Front” will be donated to The Gary Sinise Foundation to benefit military veterans.

The album’s release also coincided with the band’s appearance, for the second consecutive year, at the International Pop Overthrow Festival NYC.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Never Too Late
2. Hero’s Trial
3. Salvation
4. No Simple Task
5. Follow You
6. Broken
7. Shot Of Confidence
8. Kill A Clown (No, Not Really)
9. Electricity
10. Mikey’s Lament
11. Letter From The Front

Mike Daly & The Planets are: Mike Daly (guitars, vocals); Jim Van Sickle (bass, vocals); Jim Smith (drums, vocals); and John Reynolds (lead guitar, vocals).


See us live!

Upcoming Tour Dates


pop overthrowMike Daly & The Planets have been invited to perform at the New York edition of the 2017 International Pop Overthrow Festival, which will be held November 9-12 at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn. at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn.

The International Pop Overthrow is an American-originated music festival devoted to power pop music and related genres. Taking its name from the title of Material Issue’s 1991 album, the festival began in 1998, and has been held annually in the LA area since then. “IPO,” as it is also known, was created by former school teacher and power pop journalist David Bash to congregate some of his favorite Beatles-inspired bands for live performances over a one week period in Los Angeles. All artists, both local and visiting, play a 30-minute showcase at a variety of clubs in the area.

Since its inception, the festival has expanded and held events in other cities such as Boston, Chicago, Liverpool, Nashville, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Phoenix, Seattle, and Vancouver.

Check back here for more details about our upcoming performance at IPO!

Our Latest Single: ‘Salvation’

salvation-coverThe latest single by Mike Daly & The Planets,  “Salvation,” was released January 16, 2017 to Amazon, iTunes, and other top digital music sites.

Is it a love/protest song or a protest/love song? You decide.

Mike Daly: lead and backing vocals, guitars
Tim Gillespie: guitar
John Reynolds: lead guitar
Jim Van Sickle: bass, backing vocals
Jim Smith: drums, backing vocals

Recorded by Jim Van Sickle at the Jerk Store, Haledon, NJ, and John’s Basement, Wayne, NJ. Produced by Mike Daly and Jim Van Sickle. Mastered by Steve Turnidge for Ars Divina.

Copyright 2011/2017 Michael Daly/Pop Goes The World (ASCAP)

‘Hero’s Trial’ Is Released

heros-trial-cover“Hero’s Trial,”a single by Mike Daly & The Planets, was released October 13, 2016. It’s available on Amazon, iTunes, and other top digital music sites.

The lyrics tell the tale of a cafe where hot beverages and heartbreak are served up in equal measure.

In addition to Mike (lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar), Jim (bass), and Smitty (drums), the track features lead guitar work by the band’s good friend, Bobby Butchka.

“Hero’s Trial” was recorded at The Jerk Store, Haledon, NJ. It was produced by Mike and Jim, mixed by Jim, and mastered by The Lab at Disk Makers.

¡Viva España!

¡Y Viva Plástico Elástico! Our buen amigo, Pacopepe Gil, debuted our new single today on his radio show in Madrid! Gracias, Pacopepe!

About ‘Never Too Late’

Never Too Later art“Never Too Late,” the latest single from Mike Daly & The Planets, is now available on Amazon and iTunes, and wherever fine digital music is sold and streamed.

“Never Too Late” was originally written for consideration as the theme song to the CBS hour-long dramedy, “That’s Life” (2000-2002). The song didn’t fit stylistcally with Mike’s band at the time, Every Damn Day, but it did somewhat inform the direction of Mike Daly & The Planets.

The track, recorded at The Jerk Store, Haledon, NJ, features Mike on guitars and vocals; Jim Van Sickle on bass; Jim Smith on drums and percussion; Mike’s nephew, Emmet Moeller, on viola; and his niece, Kelsey Daly, on cello.

It was produced by Mike and Jim VS, mixed by Jim VS, and mastered by Scott Anthony at Storybook Sound.

Out of the garage

“Kill A Clown (No, Not Really)” by Mike Daly & The Planets is featured on the new Bongo Boy Records compilation, Out-Of-The-Garage-Volume-Two1000x1000“Out Of The Garage Vol. Two.”

Also featured on the collection is “Show Me The Love” by Mark Lindsay, former lead singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders, which on July 28, 2013 was “The Coolest Song In The World” on the Little Steven’s Underground Garage!

‘Blistering’ blues

backroom blues 2“Broken” by Mike Daly & The Planets are featured on the Bongo Boy Records complication, “Backroom Blues Vol. 2.” It was be released 4.5.16 in Asia and 5.3.16 in the rest of the world. “Mike Daly and the Planets explore hard rock’s roots on the blistering ‘Broken’,” sayeth the Beach Sloth. “Vocal delivery is impeccable as the lyrics sound like the ode to a life lived fully, for better and worse. Absolutely brimming with energy the song is a force of nature.” Meanwhile, Mike Greenblatt of The Aquarian Weekly calls “Broken” “a driving track of blues-rock fit to crank up and immensely enjoy.”

If you’d like to vote for “Broken” as the best song on “Backroom Blues Vol. 2,” click here.

From the vault

To mark the 25th anniversary of Mike’s band, Every Damn Day, and the 20th anniversary of my label, Pop Goes The World, we’ve released a deluxe digital edition of EDD’s 1993 album, “Jettison The Pod Sparky,” which includes 4 bonus tracks.

“Jettison” is seeing its first commercial release. We sold several hundred of the CD version at gigs and consignment shops over the years, but now we’re foisting it upon the entire world! The four bonus tracks are new to digital, having previously been available on cassette in very limited release.

Listen by hitting the play button above, and if you like what you hear, please BUY IT from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or Microsoft Groove Music.

Thank you for supporting local music.