Every Damn Day

Most of Mike Daly’s original material has been recorded by his New Jersey-based alternative rock/power pop group, Every Damn Day (often shortened to “EDD”), which is currently on hiatus. EDD has released two full-length albums and several EPs, gaining airplay on college and satellite radio in the U.S., commercial radio in Spain and state-run radio in Finland.

In 2016, the entire Every Damn Day catalog was digitally reissued (most with bonus material) to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary.

2 thoughts on “Every Damn Day

  1. Said it way back when and still believe, this music is way better than what was playing on your radios from 94 til…

    Biases aside, I like what I like. This is by far the most unheralded band I’ve ever followed. My favorite song wasn’t even written by Mike. I’ll leave you all to guess.

    It’s a small band from an overcrowded small area. They deserve a listen. Several


  2. It’s All About Tonight. I mistakenly praised Mike for the writing and theme. He graciously corrected me a few mins later that it was John. Ughh. But that was a long time ago.


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